About us

Our team takes inspiration from anything and everything that has a sense of nature in it. we are trying to provide service to the people by re discovering the joy of pure living. In-fact, we give ample importance to long lasting relationships by building homes with ethics involved.

We have a specialized in-house interior designing team, who adds brilliance to our projects .They interact very closely with our clients to build a real empathy for their needs, and then translate their understanding into interior designing elements. Our team makes sure that our clients don’t need to work with multiple vendors and contractors to complete their homes and ultimately delivers the inside-out quality of living.

Our Materials

Our homes are constructed with natural and aesthetic materials. In our projects we use stones such as Tandur, Guntur Durgi, kota, jaisalmer and naturally formed rocks from river beds. We embellish home interiors with uruli stone carvings and terracotta works etc. in addition to adding distinct aesthetic value, these materials improve living conditions through their function as well.

Value for money

We are builders with conscience; we know the sacrifices you make to have your own house. In return for the immense trust that you place in us, we ensure that we provide you value for money by providing good designs and good quality material.We make sure that you are proud for the place you live in for long time.

Simple and Elegant designs

Our designs are simple, elegant and understated. One look at our houses and you will know that we believe that beauty doesn’t need to be overstated.

Transparency and Ethics

We understand that in most cases, a house is a huge investment both financially and emotionally and that your peace of mind is largely dependent on knowing that it is in safe hands. Through regular and transparent communication, we ensure that our clients are assured and at peace about their investments.

At Shree Balaji Constructions, we are happy to say that we rely on honesty, integrity and attention to detail. We believe that the moment someone steps into the gate of an apartment complex or a house they need to be transported into a space that is at once welcoming, comforting and distinct. We are characterized by complete adherence to our design values and principles. We believe in creating homes whose beauty is marked by simplicity derived from nature. Our design values and principles guide us in every project we take up and ensure that the outcome is always delightful to our clients.

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